Kuhn and Trello serves as the city/village engineer for a number of municipalities, providing quality solutions that satisfy regulatory requirements while meeting the needs and business objectives of the clients we serve. Click on the logos below to learn more about these communities. 

On a municipal level, Kuhn and Trello offers high quality solutions pertaining to water supply and distribution, sanitary infrastructure, storm sewer, lift stations, MFT, and grant applications. Browse our photo galleries below for more about our municipal work across the state of Illinois.


Village of Dawson, IL



Village of Riverton, IL



Village of Jerome, IL






Village of Rochester, IL

Village of Grandview, IL



Leland Grove, IL



Village of Sherman, IL



Village of Williamsville, IL

Illiopolis, IL



Village of Mechanicsburg, IL



Village of Southern View, IL




Planning and Design

Water and Sewer