Whole-team approach

Kuhn & Trello has a high volume of repeat business and satisfied clients because of a great group of people. We’re small enough that a client effectively gets our whole team, which means the skill set of each team member impacts a lot of projects. The workplace vibe is energized, collegial, and best of all, far removed from a button-down corporate office.

Kevin Kuhn, PE

Principal Engineer

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Kevin Kuhn Portrait Kevin Kuhn holding Fish

Michael Trello, PE, SE

Principal Engineer

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Michael Trello Portrait Michael Trello holdiing baseball

John Saladino, PE

Senior Project Manager

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John Saladino Portrait John Saladino in golf attire

Michelle Young

Project Technician

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Michelle Young Portrait Michelle Young with kayak paddles

Mark Sutheard

Senior Project Technician

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Mark Sutheard Portrait Mark Sutheard with banjo

Jeffrey Bane, PE, SE

Senior Structural Engineer

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Jeffrey Bane Portrait Jeffrey Bane with mug

Mike Darling

Project Technician

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Mike Darling Portrait Mike Darling with plant

Erin McNally

Project Technician

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Erin McNally Portrait Erin McNally with book

Parker Allen, EI

Project Engineer

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Parker Allen Portrait Parker Allen with rubix cube

Matthew Zinnecker, EI

Project Engineer

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Matthew Zinnecker Portrait Matthew Zinnecker with Milwaukee Bucks shirt

John Sestak, PE

Senior Project Engineer

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John Sestak Portrait John Sestak wearing bright orange hoodie

Hans Distlehorst, PLS

Land Surveyer

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Hans Distlehorst Portrait Hans Distlehorst holding trophy antlers

Joe Holthaus, PLS

Land Surveyer

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Joe Holthaus Portrait Joe Holthaus holding deer skull

John Coonen

Survey Technician

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John Koonen Portrait John Coonen holding survey tool

Ryan Curtis

Project Technician

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Ryan Curtis Portrait Ryan Curtis posing dramatically

Phil Weber, EI

Project Engineer

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Phil Weber Portrait Phil Weber at desk